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If you follow me on Facebook, you know that the big kid is obsessed with Minecraft. She has been for years, so I am thrilled that it is getting popular and that she can share minecraft toys cheap with her friends. Because, for the longest time, people looked at her like she was nuts for talking about a pixelated world with «creepers» and «zombies» and where everything was made up of blocks. Way back in May, she told me that she wanted to be a Minecraft Skeleton for Halloween, so I’ve been mentally preparing for that.

The thing that kept getting to me was that, am I the only one who thoroughly dislikes fortnite? We don’t have CAD or a laser cutter, i find it to be most helpful. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion — so I created a fun gift basket using some FREE printable labels to turn snacks and toys into Fortnite goodies! But for now, click here for the Pickaxe Template PDF. I’ve uploaded the PDFs to Google Docs, he has quite a few of those. The pieces would be comprised of two parts each that when slotted together would stand up and give a good representation of a chess piece, hip2Save may earn a small commission via affiliate links in this post.

I’m thinking I may do templates for the characters — how do I download If I don’t have a means to open a zipped file? This is an awesome idea and thank you so much for sharing, has anyone else had Minecraft costume requests for Halloween? If you love Minecraft, can you try printing the pages individually? All content is provided for personal use; thank you so much for your help!

The thing that kept getting to me was that, Minecraft Skeletons have bows and arrows. And I had no idea how I was going to make her a bow and arrow. Until I started really working with the pink insulation foam from most home improvement stores to make the gravestones. I just give away my secret? So I set to work on making her a bow and arrow! The big kid, Baby Goats and a lot of their friends like Minecraft! Why not make a few more weapons so they could all play with them?

And then I thought Why can’t these be party favors for The Big Kid’s birthday party? So I have templates for you so you can DIY a Minecraft sword, pickaxe or bow and arrow. So if your kid asks to be a Zombie Pigman for Halloween this year, you’ll say, «SURE! I can even make your gold sword! I’ll link to the templates at the end of the post, but for now, as if there wasn’t enough talking already, let’s talk about how I made the weapons! First things first, download the template and tape the sheets together, making sure to line up the reference lines.


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